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Old Chinese characters in Xi'an

How to Reach Reading Fluency in Mandarin

If you are dead serious about learning to read Chinese characters, you have come to the right place. The Chinese Blockbuster Series is a comprehensive, fun and pragmatic method to help you read and remember simplified and traditional Chinese characters and pronounce them in Mandarin.

When you are done with the series, you will be able to read everything, like Chinese texts written with traditional characters that were published before the simplification process of the 60s requested by Mao Zedong, street signs displayed in the China towns of the world, recent novels as well as newspapers published in mainland China or tattoos your friends or movie stars may have on their body.

Chinese Characters: Building Blocks, Definitions, Pronunciations and Mnemonics

In the Chinese Blockbuster Series, each Chinese character is decomposed into its building blocks and brought to life through funny, dramatic or true stories as well as why-didn’t-I-think-of-that mnemonics. Its various definitions and pronunciations are also part of the memorization process, allowing you to remember all aspects of a specific character in one fell swoop.

Full Coverage of Chinese Characters

The Chinese Blockbuster Series covers all features of a Chinese character:

  • The simplified and traditional forms
  • The building blocks making up each form
  • The various definitions
  • The various pronunciations in Mandarin, tone included
  • The etymology, ancient meanings and shapes, when known or worthy of mention
  • Examples of use for each character
  • Additional information concerning the character, such as its frequency of use and other fascinating facts

Simplified and Traditional Chinese Characters

The Chinese Blockbuster Series goes beyond the ‘top few Chinese characters you need to know to get by,’ as people too often realize that they don’t get anywhere with such a limited number of characters. The Chinese Blockbuster Series is comprehensive and covers what is necessary for you to reach reading fluency in modern Chinese.

You will effectively learn to recognize and pronounce virtually all Chinese characters you are bound to come across, while being entertained!

Chinese being the most widely spoken language in the world, think of the benefits you would receive by being able to interact with one fifth of the world population!

Chinese characters: At least as old as these guys!

Amazon’s Reviews of the Chinese Blockbuster Series

Amazon's five stars

“This is an absolutely phenomenal series of books! Though there are many books for learning Chinese characters, none of them come even close to this series in terms of utility and efficiency. If you are trying to learn Chinese characters, you owe it to yourself to at least go to the author’s website and have a look at the free sample PDF. I could not recommend this book any more.

These books use mnemonics and radicals to teach you the pronunciations and MULTIPLE meanings for each traditional and simplified character. No other book or series of books available accomplishes all of this, not even the books by Dr. Alan Hoenig that another review thought superior. Seriously, give this series a try.”

Amazon's five stars

Outstanding book on how to remember Chinese characters. Far ahead of most other books of this kind (including Heisig and Henshall). The multi-layered approach is excellent and reinforces memory. M. Rémillard’s mnemonics (an ESSENTIAL aspect to promote retention) are well chosen to visualize the meaning of each character. Use of some foreign words for pronunciation purposes is very easy. I look forward to seeing, and purchasing, more books on Chinese by this author. Maybe a book on Chinese grammar or a workbook to test out retention of the mnemonics in Chinese Blockbuster, just a suggestion! I owe you a big MERCI, M. Rémillard.

Amazon's five stars

“The second book of the Chinese Blockbuster series is as great as the first one. The stories and sound words make it easy to learn the characters and remember them. I also like the illustrations and mnemonics which help to picture the characters which become more ingrained in your mind. The examples are also very useful to deepen the learning.
I started learning Chinese characters with the first book of the series and I recommend starting with Book 1. Many of the most frequently used characters are described in Book 1 and you will encounter them as building blocks for the characters introduced in Book 2. I was amazed to see how quickly my learning is progressing with this approach. And best of all, I had fun learning.”

Amazon's five stars

“You will NOT find a better series of books for learning the meaning and pronunciation of Chinese characters. This series of books utilizes all the best memory techniques to make learning characters approachable. None of the other character books available come close. Be sure to start with book one, but do yourself a favor and do give this series a try. No other series uses mnemonics to teach you the pronunciation of both simplified and traditional characters, their various meanings, and the radicals that compose them to make learning and memorization manageable.”

Amazon's five stars

“The book is very well organized, the information is presented in a way that makes it visually captivating and easy to understand, and to remember.
With the approach used in this book, I realized that although Chinese is a complex language, it can be learned. It is useful to see some of the basic characters presented first and then progressively see how they are combined to make more complex ones. Seeing the characters take form with the building blocks facilitate the learning process.The use of stories to bring everything together, that is the meaning of the characters, its components and how it is pronounced is really helpful. The approach used makes learning Chinese a real possibility and it is fun doing it.”

This is a great book. It makes learning Chinese characters interesting. The images really help to retain the meaning of the characters. The stories are funny and help in remembering the proper pronunciation and the sense of the characters. The building block concept and the way the author presents it, really helps by providing an approach to understanding the meaning of the characters and the basis of the language. I highly recommend this book.”

Amazon's five stars

“A great book! The user-friendly approach makes it easy to learn and remember the definition and pronunciation of characters.”

Amazon's five stars

“Until now, I was daunted by even the idea of trying to decipher Chinese characters. But after investing a little bit of time to understand the multi-dimensional approach developed by the author, the barriers have dropped considerably. My favorite part is the use of humorous and easy-to-remember stories that really facilitate the learning process. The purposeful use of strong images in the storylines helps in this. And  the drawings add another dimension to the memorization process.

The method for learning pronunciation also requires a little practice, but once mastered, it is very intuitive and well designed, The combined use of sound words and images seems a very clever way to master pronunciation.

Furthermore, this is the most complete guide (with the planned sequels) to Chinese characters that I have seen so far. I have bought the first book with the security of knowing I could invest later in a larger set of characters. As in any method, there is some learning investment, I prefer to have the peace of mind that I can go as far as I want with the next books in the series. I can recommend this book without reservation for those who are serious about their interest in mastering Chinese characters.”

“A new, interesting, fascinating and simple book on how to read and learn Chinese! I always wanted to learn Chinese but was rapidly discouraged by the complexity of the character and how difficult it was to remember them. This book makes it very easy to do so, easy to understand, easy to learn and more importantly, easy to remember their meaning and how to use them. The stories associated with each of the character often made me smile and made the learning fun. This book, finally gave me hope that I will, one day, be able to read Chinese. Thanks!”


Books that can be purchased right now!

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