50 Shapes of Chinese – Most Frequent Chinese Characters

50 Shapes of Chinese

50 Shapes of Chinese - Most frequent Chinese Characters


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“Wow! It is really possible to learn Chinese!

I had seen these Chinese characters before,

and now I know what they mean!”

Yes, it is truly possible to learn Chinese and you can have fun doing it!

The Chinese Blockbuster method is a pragmatic, yet entertaining approach to learn the most widely spoken language in the world. It uses funny, dramatic or true stories to imprint characters in your mind.

This first book of the new series 50 Shapes of Chinese is based on this method and presents 50 of the most frequent characters that you are bound to encounter on your journey of learning Chinese. It will teach you:

  • How to recall these most frequent characters and the building blocks that compose both forms (simplified and traditional)
  • How to remember their definitions
  • How to memorize their pronunciation in Mandarin

It will help you bust out of the old mental blocks where learning Chinese was once deemed beyond reach. Take the challenge and you will see what an amazing feeling it is the first time you come across Chinese text, walk in a Chinatown of the world or are at the Beijing or Shanghai airport, and you realize that you can recognize some of these 50 most frequent Chinese characters.


The print and electronic versions of this book can be purchased on Amazon.