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Chinese Blockbuster: Cumulative Indexes

Chinese Blockbuster Indexes


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Cumulative Indexes of the Chinese Blockbuster Series


The eight books of the Chinese Blockbuster Series provide a comprehensive, fun and pragmatic approach to help you reach reading fluency in modern Chinese. It is designed to teach you:

  • How to recall the building blocks that compose both forms of a Chinese character (simplified and traditional)
  • How to remember the various definitions of a character
  • How to memorize the various pronunciations of a character in Mandarin

This volume is complementary to the Chinese Blockbuster Series. It presents, in one common place, the cumulative indexes, by character meanings and by character pronunciations, of all the characters and building blocks covered in the Chinese Blockbuster series. 

It serves as an additional tool to help you navigate easily among thousands of characters and search for a particular character to review its building blocks, sound word and mnemonics. 


Its print and electronic versions can be purchased on Amazon.


Following are some sample pages taken from the book .


Index by Meaning

Index by Pronunciation