Chinese character

Scenery, view.
Circumstances, situation.

Here is the Chinese character for this special day, taken from Chinese Blockbuster 2.

If you are not familiar with the Chinese Blockbuster method, please see the user guide.

To better use your memory and improve retention of this Chinese character, I recommend that you visit this page on how to read Chinese.

As a refresher, you need to use as many senses as you can to make the story work better. Close your eyes and see the building blocks with vivid colors (visual sense), odors (sense of smell) or as humongous objects when they are concrete things or as a struggling action when it is a verb, all the while hearing the sound word resonate or reverberate in your mind (audio). See the definitions as repeated, incessant actions when they concern verbs and adverbs, or as a swarm of objects when they represent concrete things.

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